Designing a business that plays to your strengths

Would you rather work with people one to one or in groups or work alone?
Do you prefer working with words, numbers, sounds or pictures?
What do your best days look like?
What are the days you look forward to?
What days sap all your energy?
Do you like routine or novelty? (think about your best days)
Do you like working at a desk? Outside? On the move?
Do you prefer modern, classical, or comfortable settings?

When your friends come to you for help, what is it they need from you?
What do you do well and easily?
What could you spend all day reading, talking and learn about?
What are you doing when you are in your element?

I spent today alone at my computer researching and writing with a little cleaning and chicken care thrown in.
Tonight I’m headed to a public meeting to discuss Community Economic Development.

Perfect day for me.
What about you? How can you spend your days so you love most of what you do?

Here we go on an epic journey together to making the best business and the best life we can.
The business owners success club brings business owners together to help each other. Who else do you know who could benefit and who could add to the conversation?


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You’re Stronger than you Think

We talked about you. Now we’re talking about business models and and building a business around your strengths.

What is it about the hidden talent meme that fascinates us? We get a true thrill when someone pulls out a talent that saves the day. It’s part of the appeal of video games – you choose the talents and skills of your player, in anticipation of the coming challenges.

There’s something almost magical about coming up against a challenge and finding a means we didn’t know we had to overcome it. A gift for writing a persuasive argument; the ability to rally others when the deadline approaches; the optimism to carry on even if the cause looks lost.

Then – oh the feeling of power knowing we can take on anything we want. Tinged with that small amount of regret for the times we let go and didn’t dig in to make it happen.

Always remember you have way more in you than you think you do and you can accomplish much, much more than you think you can.

Here we go on an epic journey together to making the best business and the best life we can.
The business owners success club brings business owners together to help each other. Who else do you know who could benefit and who could add to the conversation?

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BOSC Podcast #4 Design your business around your strengths

Gary Morton and Frances Schagen explore what it means to design a business around your strengths. When we don’t, we struggle and you’ll hear how I made this mistake and struggled with my business.

As always a great big thank you hug to my son, Joseph Schagen for sound engineering and for the original music he wrote for this. Get in touch, he’ll make you sound great, too!

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Thank you

I’ve been writing this blog for years and years. Sometimes I write diligently and sometimes my focus shifts to other places. Through it all, I never forget that you are a real person.

I try to make sure that everything I write is for you and helps you in some way.

I want to let you know that I’m thinking about you today, and to say Thank you.

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It all starts with you

Gary Morton and Frances Schagen talk about their favourite tips to grow themselves and get the important stuff done.

Big thanks to Joe Schagen for sound engineering and the original music.


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How To Grow Yourself

This is paraphrased right out of my book Your Effortless Business. The whole premise of my book is that business isn’t this thing that needs to be set up in a certain MBA kind of way. It is a living, messy servant to you. The things you work on in your business need to serve you, not some model of what a business should be. We use financial and other data to see where we are, but it’s not about making your business make your numbers work better. It’s about making a business that works for you and by extension your staff, customers, vendors etc.

You don’t need more information. You need:

I have to have passion for what I am doing because it is hard freaking work. The hardest part is in my head. The clearer I am about what is important to me and the clearer I am about my vision, the better I can align it all and stoke that passion engine.

I have to believe. I have to believe that I can take a thought and turn it into a thing. I can choose how I see the world and I choose to see it as a wonderful place full of opportunity. This keeps me from falling into that black abyss of all that can go wrong. It also becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

When I’m maxed, I spend too much time trying to work around. That goes for health, money, time and brain space. I build in as much capacity as I can.

Embrace Change
Change is happening and I, again, have chosen to embrace it. Every time I do, I learn that the sky won’t fall in and that doing it mindfully means I can design the change so it serves me best.

My biggest growth opportunities come when I travel. Meeting other people from other cultures with other ways of thinking and looking at the world, expands my view of the world. That’s why I love to travel.

I maintain an awareness of how I fit into my world. I recognize that others have different ways of understanding and seeing and by being aware of what and how I am thinking and experiencing life, I can monitor and control my reactions and thoughts. For instance; walking down the street I see a friend and wave. If she doesn’t wave back, I can feel hurt, angry, insecure, or baffled. I also have the option of believing that she didn’t see me or she was preoccupied. I prefer to believe that most of the time it has nothing to do with me. I control my reactions and thoughts and I choose reactions and thoughts that serve me.

Optimal Health
I guard my health by getting plenty of sleep, eating well and performing moderate exercise. I prefer to work at my optimum which I can only do if I am at my optimum. this isn’t about not being sick, it’s about being strong, sharp and energized.

If I want to know how to do something, I can learn how. I’m taking a deep dive into community economic development and designing entrepreneurial ecosystems. My Town is interested in this and it fits with my interests of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs. I’m also starting a HUB here. Rather than wonder how what I do fits in with the larger picture, I’m studying it.

What I do and how I spend my time will give me my results.

I revel in creativity, innovative thinking and sharing ideas. I make as many opportunities to do that as I can in as many areas of my life as I can.

Truth, Beauty, Wisdom and Courage
These are the virtues that mean the most to me, and feel free to choose your own. When in doubt, when I don’t know what to do, I go with these virtues.

Here we go on an epic journey together to making the best business and the best life we can.
The business owners success club brings business owners together to help each other. Pass this along to other business owners you know and encourage them to sign up on the website.

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BOSC Podcast #2 – Vision

Gary Morton and Frances Schagen talk about vision.

Big Thank You to Joe Schagen for sound engineering and the original music.

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The Three Success Factors

I have worked closely with 100’s of business owners and I have seen too many struggle. I have seen what works and what doesn't.

It takes 3 things to succeed:
1. Hard work - and I know you do that already.
2. Knowledge - domain knowledge: you've got that and continue to learn; and business knowledge: this is where everyone focuses and it's easy to find
3. Mindset - This is the killer app. This is what makes or breaks small business owners.

We work on Mindset here at the Business Owners Success Club: how you think about yourself and your business.

When you focus on a business that gives you what you need to live a Good Life and gives others what they need to solve a problem, everything else falls into place and you have a successful business.

Using that as a framework we work on one aspect of business every month. February is "Your Place in Your Community" month.

In March we will open the doors to our online community. Stay Tuned.

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