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Nothing happens until you do something.  I make sure I take action every day on my goals.

It doesn’t have to be huge, but it does have to be consistent and time is not a valid excuse.

Focus your attention and take action on the important things first.

Thought plus action

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Have you heard the story about the rocks, pebbles and sand (and wine)?  Here is a link to one version of it.  If you pour sand, then pebbles then rocks into a jar, they won’t fit, but if you put the rocks in first (the most important parts of your life), then the pebbles (those other necessary things) and then the sand (all that minutia of life, that may or may not have to be done) they will all fit.  And, of course, after that there is always room for a glass of wine.

The most successful people take action every day to move themselves forward.  If you focus first on what it important, you can fit the rest in.

I have rearranged my schedule so that I can spend the first few hours of the day working on the Business Owners Success Club, the afternoon is for Crystal Clear Bookkeeping Ltd and the weekends are for the family.  There are regularly scheduled meetings for the Library project.  I make a point of walking to my office as often as I can, I have lunch with friends a couple of times a month and I read every night before sleep – those are for me.

Everything else can get fitted in and around those rocks.


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The Three Success Factors

I have worked closely with 100’s of business owners and I have seen too many struggle. I have seen what works and what doesn't.

It takes 3 things to succeed:
1. Hard work - and I know you do that already.
2. Knowledge - domain knowledge: you've got that and continue to learn; and business knowledge: this is where everyone focuses and it's easy to find
3. Mindset - This is the killer app. This is what makes or breaks small business owners.

We work on Mindset here at the Business Owners Success Club: how you think about yourself and your business.

When you focus on a business that gives you what you need to live a Good Life and gives others what they need to solve a problem, everything else falls into place and you have a successful business.

Using that as a framework we work on one aspect of business every month. February is "Your Place in Your Community" month.

In March we will open the doors to our online community. Stay Tuned.

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